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Transportation and Aerospace


Since man first took flight, new possibilities have created a need for new technologies.

And for over 75 years, Momentive has been there to provide them. In the silicone boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon. On every manned space flight since. In lighter, more fuel-efficient airplanes. And in applications throughout the transportation industry.

Today, we continue to work closely with our customers and partners to create aerospace and transportation solutions that meet the demands of the present and create possibilities for the future: 

  • Ultra-light, ultra-strong composites that decrease weight and increase fuel efficiency
  • Ceramics and fused quartz products with unmatched thermal and optical qualities
  • Silicone-based fluids, sealants, adhesives and protective coatings
  • Hardened encapsulants for electronics

From resistance to extreme temperatures, friction, abrasion and stress, to protection from corrosives, water, oils and salts, our solutions offer our customers the reliability and design flexibility they need to keep moving ahead. Discover products that provide flexibility, long-term reliability and the ability to protect both passengers and equipment.

Please contact us for more details on products.
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Momentive Investing in New Manufacturing Facility in Leverkusen, Germany

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