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Industrial Production

Speeding quality through the factory

The often-conflicting goals of high quality, low cost, and optimal throughput have been the perennial aims of virtually all manufacturers. And for more than 75 years, Momentive has collaborated with industrial producers to bring – simultaneously – “better, cheaper, faster” solutions to the factory floor. Our silicones keep foam from clogging up ink manufacture. They enable thin walls and fine detail in polymer pillboxes. They keep machine bearings operating smoothly, and they help to strengthen fiberglass showers. Furthermore, Momentive ceramics help metal stamping manufacturers to produce door latches – or fighter jet fuselages – with minimal downtime and scrap.

With regard to quality improvements, Momentive customers enrich their end-product performance using a wide range of our products - from ceramic powders to silicone additives - and producing an equally wide range of enhanced features, from scratch resistance to thermal conductivity to tensile strength. Adding value to end products is what Momentive is about, and enumerated product benefits are replete throughout our website.  

At the same time, Momentive products help manufacturers innovate speed and cost-efficiency into their operations:  

  • Our silicone masterbatches and process additives lower surface friction during production, which may increase throughput and decrease machinery wear.  
  • Remaining lubricious and inert even at extremely high temperatures, our boron nitride (BN) release agents, lubricants and coatings may increase the life of dies and molds, and reduce production times in metal, glass, plastic and rubber manufacturing operations.  
  • Momentive silicone antifoams and defoamers prevent foam from reducing equipment capacity or increasing processing time and expense in operations involving blending, mixing, reflux, distillation, filtration or filling.  
  • Our silane products may improve filler dispersion, yielding consistency within composite materials as well as processing ease.  
  • Some Momentive crosslinking agents enable our customers to lower production costs by curing their products with ambient moisture and at ambient temperatures.  

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover products that can empower greater industrial productivity.

Please contact us for more details on products.
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