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From the factory floor to the kitchen floor, Momentive products are working to better the quality and durability of home appliances – and the appliance manufacturer’s bottom line. Our materials can help improve the performance and energy efficiency of appliances, as well as offer more design freedom. They can also help improve manufacturing operations – protecting appliances against bumps, bangs and vibrations, as well as spiking or plummeting temperatures.

Indeed, the combination of thermal cycling and mechanical shock can shorten the life of various plastic and rubber components in home appliances. Furthermore, the miniaturized electronics that continue to be added to home appliances can carry their own set of vulnerabilities. Momentive can help to protect a broad spectrum of home appliance parts against these adversities and improve efficiencies with material solutions  and performance additives such as:

  • Electronic grade adhesives, encapsulants, potting materials, coatings and greases to help cost-effectively optimize performance-critical electronic components. These products can aid in dissipation of heat from fragile components, as well as insulation against vibration, moisture and chemicals.

  • Food grade and fast green strength adhesives that meet industry specifications for a variety of substrates including metals, aluminum, plastics and ceramics. 

  • Food contact compliant liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) and heat-cured elastomers (HCEs) for molded and extruded parts requiring high thermal stability, flame retardancy, and good physical and elastomeric properties.

  • Innovative specialty elastomers, such as topcoat, ultra clear LSRs, or anti-static elastomers, that can enable design freedom when considering the aesthetics or ergonomics of home appliance applications.  

  • Niax* surfactants to help appliances become more energy efficient by improving the thermal insulation of polyurethane foam, creating finer cells, better foam flow and improving compatibility of  foam formulation ingredients for better mixing.

  • Niax catalysts to help improve productivity, while enabling good foam flow and density distribution.  

  • Silane crosslinkers to help improve the performance characteristics of plastic or rubber components.

  • Ceramics based on our proprietary TPG* (thermal pyrolytic graphite) process to promote reliable thermal management in a lightweight material.

From the enhancement of parts that help keep refrigerators cold and ovens warm to the screen over the dryer’s electronic control panel, Momentive products are there to aid in appliance performance and longevity.

Please contact us for more details on products.
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