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In an industry innovating at 90 miles an hour, our customers need someone who can keep up. Or, even better, someone who can help lead the way.

At Momentive, we leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to discover solutions that don't just solve problems for our automotive customers, but that also create possibilities for them. Our products are helping our customers to make cars lighter, stronger, safer, more durable and more efficient. All while helping the factories that create them to be more efficient, too. Throughout a long history of collaboration, we have developed science and materials that help take our customers wherever they want to go, with:

  • Elastomers - new composites that make cars stronger, lighter and more fuel-efficient.  
  • Gels and encapsulants to help protect and improve the performance of sensitive electronic systems  
  • Coatings that can enhance the clarity and long-term performance of headlights  
  • Fire-resistant resins and non-emitting urethane additives, which are excellent options to consider for molded automotive interiors, seating and acoustical insulation  
  • Silanes that can help reduce the rolling resistance of tires, while increasing wet traction and production efficiencies for tire manufacturers.  

Wherever the automotive industry is going next, we're here to help it get there.

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that can give the automotive industry its edge. 

Please contact us for more details on products.
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