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Plastic Additives


Achieving the desired properties in plastic products often requires unique formulations, including additives that improve both the processing and end performance of plastics. Momentive’s plastic additives may assist on both fronts by potentially enabling higher throughput rates and reduced scrap when processing plastics and by enhancing the strength, durability and appearance of end products. With good stability, excellent dispersion and easy emulsification, our plastic additives may deliver consistency to manufacturing operations, helping processors achieve reliable, repeatable results for more efficient production.

Our portfolio of silicone resin-based plastic additives includes high-performance polymers (HiPP), silanes and fluids. These additives are excellent candidates to consider for numerous industrial and consumer products, such as plastic wrap for food packaging, LED lamp covers, cell phone covers, backlights for flat-screen TVs or automotive displays. Our plastic additives may enhance properties for water repellents, electrical insulating fluids, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, inks and paints, mold release agents, polish ingredients, textile finishes, and more.

Among our portfolio, our Tospearl* additives may enhance the lubricity, water repellency, appearance and feel of finished goods. They feature uniform particle sizes, making them a potentially useful anti-blocking agent for items such as BOPP films for food packaging. They have a low refractive index, which enables excellent light diffusion for lighting covers, as well as matte finishes for automotive dashboards. They also feature high heat resistance to aid in extrusion operations and low surface energies to enhance the scratch resistance of finished products.

Other plastic additives include our Silwet* surfactants, TSF products and PEarlene* master batches. Silwet surfactants can improve sheeting, anti-fogging, emulsifying, release and defoaming in plastics processing. TSF products help enhance the softness and smoothness of textiles. And PEarlene silicone-containing master batches may help deliver improved processability, performance and appearance for extruded plastics.

Discover how Momentive's plastic additives can enhance the processing and performance of plastic products.

* Silwet and PEarlene are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. Tospearl is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC.

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