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Mold Release Agentss


Mold release agents that offer complete coverage, minimal reapplication, easy release and nominal residue enable efficient and cost-effective molding operations. Momentive’s silicone mold release agents typically deliver these attractive qualities, as well as excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, and low surface tension. Our formulations help foundries and other industrial processors streamline their die-cast, plastic, rubber and other molding operations by providing consistent, easy release for even the most intricate molded parts.

Our silicone release agents serve as process aids for molding thermoplastics and synthetic rubbers. For plastic film processing and rubber parts, our silicone slip or antiblocking agents can provide critical properties that prevent the films and rubber parts from sticking to themselves and enable easy mold release. These release and slip agents support the production of numerous products, including thermoplastic parts, food packages, rubber parts, die-cast aluminum and magnesium parts, tires, and O-rings. 

Complete mold coverage is essential for good release, especially for complex molds. Durability is also important, as more durable release agents help to minimize reapplication, cutting both material costs and downtime between part molds. Because low-viscosity silicones offer better coverage and high-viscosity silicones offer better durability, we work with our customers to find the right balance to streamline their molding operations.

Discover how Momentive's mold release agents can help molders improve production, processing and end-product quality.

Please contact us for more details on products.
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