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Mechanical Fluids


More than most, the applications that rely on mechanical fluids – hydraulic, damping and heat-transfer systems in machinery, automotive and other transport applications – must have those fluids perform consistently, as designed, whether under ambient, elevated or extreme conditions. The stability of Momentive’s mechanical fluids may impart this kind of reliability to such critical applications. Viscosity, compressibility, thermal conductivity and other key properties typically change very little in our mechanical silicone fluids, even as they are exposed to a significant range of temperatures, pressures and shearing forces.

The characteristic stability of these fluids, along with their carefully engineered viscosities and thermal conductivities, make them potentially valuable constituents in applications such as:

  • Brake and steering fluids
  • Industrial and construction machinery
  • Sound and vibration damping systems
  • Heat sink and heat transfer systems

Momentive mechanical fluids also offer excellent oxidative stability, chemical inertness, low flammability and low vapor pressure.

Discover how Momentive's mechanical fluid technology may effectively and efficiently enhance your next product formulation or application.

Please contact us for more details on products.
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