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Crosslinking and Adhesion Promotion


To perform its best, an end product must have strong, durable bonds between its constituents, whether between a substrate and an adhesive, coating, or sealant, or between different materials within a composite. Superior bonding occurs with Momentive’s crosslinking or adhesion-promoting agents. Forming a three-dimensional network of siloxane bonds between constituents, our agents facilitate resistance to water or chemical intrusion, high temperatures, abrasion or other common deteriorating conditions. Our scientists have devised formulations that provide these stabilizing effects without compromising other important product features, like ductility.

Engineering crosslinking and adhesion promoting agents for customers as diverse as paint, sealant and master batch manufacturers, Momentive scientists are constantly innovating in these technologies. The result is a portfolio of well-known brands, all of which may extend the service life and functionality of polymer-based products:

  • CoatOSil* silanes include crosslinking grades that may facilitate shelf-stable, non-yellowing performance with improved water resistance and wet adhesion of coating, paint and ink formulations.
  • Silquest* silanes may provide crosslinking of a wide range of organic and inorganic polymers at ambient temperature while utilizing ambient moisture. They can improve thermal stability, creep resistance, hardness and chemical resistance.
  • As adhesion promoters, Silquest silanes may also improve adhesion, especially under hot and humid conditions. They improve adhesion to glass, minerals and metals, and to difficult substrates such as polyamides, SMC, acrylics and PVC.
  • Silcat* silanes can effect superior crosslinking of polyethylene resins in extrusion processes. High crosslinking onset temperature helps to control premature crosslinking in a broad range of processes.
  • XL-PEarl* crosslinking systems, formulated from a peroxide and silane combination, are excellent candidates to consider for the manufacture of master batches based on porous polymer carriers.

Founded on Momentive's unparalleled expertise in crosslinking and adhesion promotion chemistry, our agents continue to provide polymer product makers with new avenues of innovation and advancement.

* CoatOSil, Silquest, Silcat and XL-PEarl are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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